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Mystery Packs

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There are 2 different sizes of this bundle based on how many goodies you are looking at getting! And here is a little break down of it for you!

Each bundle comes with a mystery amount of items! These are NOT b-grade items. They are just regular items in the shop, but you get a little discount for doing the mystery bag!

While you cannot ask for anything in particular, if you want a certain vibe (example: "rainbow everything!" or "all the spooky things" then please add those to the notes at checkout!

The Small Pack ($35) comes with:

1 lanyard, 1 scrunchie, 2 stickers - $8, 1 suncatcher, 1 Cards, 1 Mirror Decal


The Large Pack ($50) may come with:

1 lanyard, 2 scrunchie, 3 stickers, 1 pin, 1 Suncatcher, 2 Cards, 1 Coaster, 1 Mirror Decal

Please note that there may be some overlapping in the items in each mystery pack so there is no guarantee that you will get different items in each pack you buy!